Crabbet Convention 2013

Convention Finale 2013 Photo: Alexia Ross

Convention Finale 2013
Photo: Alexia Ross

The centre piece of the Crabbet Convention 2013 for many enthusiasts was the horse parades on the Saturday.  A great amount of care went into presenting today’s descendants of those Arabian horses imported and bred by the Crabbet Stud.  The end result was nearly 100 horses shown in family groups interspersed with displays by top performance horses in ridden showing, dressage, endurance and other disciplines. The opening ceremony was  spectacular.

The family groups were arranged according to key foundation mares of the Crabbet breeding programme. There were four main sections arranged around the mares Dajania, Queen of Sheba, Rodania and Sobha who were all imported by the Blunts, founders of the Crabbet Stud, in the late 1800s. Each section was then subdivided into groups descended from major influences within that. There were approximately 15 groups.

Opening Parade Photo: Alexia Ross

Opening Parade
Photo: Alexia Ross

The challenge was that the groups did not rely on arbitrary descent through the female line, although this did give all Arabians their strain name according to the old Bedouin system.  An attempt was  made to group horses according to which lines they inherited their major characteristics from. It was interesting, educational and a subject for debate at the conference the following day!

The day was commemorated with a full colour book which included all the horses selected to attend. It is packed with fascinating photographs and articles on the history of Arabian breeding in the UK. It will be a collectors’ item for many years to come.

CONVENTION BOOK  and DVD still available – email enquiries to Rachael Claridge at

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