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Why I love Crabbets by Eve Barber

My love affair with Arabians I blame solely on my Mum who has now sadly passed away.

It started with viewing some chestnut arabian mares as my mum was adamant she did not want a grey then we went to view ‘Bishari’ a dreaded grey at Bychan Arabians , who were then located near Llanybydder.

A mare of ethereal beauty approached us , framed by wild roses and hazy sunshine……Love at first sight for all of us…. sweet natured and kind with large eyes, a beautiful face and a body that would carry a man into battle…she was the one.

She arrived on the trailer, the whole family were all very excited, out of the box erupted the most beautiful creature we had ever seen! Relieved to be out of the confines of the trailer she stood,taking in her new surroundings.. alert, tense and so beautiful! That was it… she stole my heart utterly and completely, then with speed like we’d never seen before took off and joined the other part TB horses, streaking around the field leaving them standing!

I was 9 years old, Bishari and I were the same age , born the same year, my brother who was then 13 looked at me with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, we both shared the thought, we longed to ride that mare! We were very lucky to live on a 30 acre smallholding, so my brother and I set about acquainting ourselves better with her….. She had never been ridden but she came from riding lines , having been bred by Biddesden stud and being ¾ Crabbet ¼ Polish and of the Moradi (Sahara) strain.

We watched her everyday mesmerised, their daily routine was to gallop as a herd with’Bishari’ leading the way making the Tb’s look rather awkward in their attempt to keep up… took off 2 very naughty, mischievous children armed with a headcollar, my brother jumped up tying the leidrope either side of the headcollar, she stood like a statue…no problem there …. so he asked her to move… she jumped forward ….3 bucks and that was it…from then on we all rode her and she loved to carry us but never did any of us tap into that speed we saw her do around the field with her equine friends….it took me nearly 2 years to find that gear….Our fields were all open plan and try as I may , canter was it…Feeling extremely frustrated I cursed ( as usual at my failed attempts) then blew a raspberry at her, DISBELIEF… she took off that quickly I nearly came off backwards, I hung on to her mane, tears pouring from my eyes from the sheer speed, she took me on the ride of a lifetime with a herd of horses in hot pursuit!

At 14 I developed very severe Epilepsy, no reason it was just there. Back then the stigma associated with Epilepsy was dreadful, thank goodness over time attitudes have changed. After being told by my Consultant , I would never be able to drive, etc etc, I asked, ‘am I allowed to ride?’ ‘well yes’, he stumbled . Well that was it, so began my adventures around Brechfa Forest on ‘Bishari’ Nicknamed ‘Moonmare’ or ‘Moony’ for short after the TV production ‘The Moon stallion’ . She loved our escapades and she and I became inseparable, my poor mum had severe anxiety over me taking off on my horse alone, but Bishari wasn’t just a horse, she was my friend and companion, she looked after me and I never once had a ‘turn’ riding her. The only time she broke my heart was when she left me to go over Rainbow bridge at 31 years….It was an honour to have been her friend. She has been joined by her 3 extroadinary daughters Elfriede, Winifriede and Bint Bishari, each of whom have left a very special place in our hearts, all of whom left us much too soon.

The legacy continues from Moony,through Ezme (Celtic Shadow/Winifriede) 88%+ Cr, Capellah (Imad/Winifriede) 93% Cr, Lunah (Imad/Elfriede) 93% Cr, Wafeeqa Sahara (Afeeri/Ezme) 84% Cr(double Winifriede) , Aztek (Imad/Winifriede) 93% Cr and Afeeri (Abishai/Capellah)80% Cr.

Llain Karida (Erin Park Excel /Cancan) 75% Cr and Enora Llain (Passionate Wisper BJ/Emda) (Polish) were bred by Pam and Paul Flower. Psaqib (Psynergy/Llain Karida) 50%+ Cr ,my homebred crabbet related colt, I intend on retaining and using on my ‘Moony’ mares, who have all proved to be fabulous riding stock with a look and presence to match.

My breeding is just a hobby, though most of my family share my passion. I love creating beautiful Arabians with a good dash of Crabbet blood to ensure the riding quality and temperament.


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