Crabbet Qualification Letter

To enter Crabbet Classes or work towards Crabbet Organisation Awards for Crabbet or Crabbet Related pure or part bred Arabians, you need a Crabbet qualification letter from us confirming that your Arabian is 75% or more Crabbet & Old Engish bloodlines and therefore a Crabbet Arabian or a Crabbet Related letter for a horse who has one Crabbet qualifying parent.  This service is free to our members and you will find the application form for download or printing below. If you are not a member, we charge £10 per horse.

We are sorry that our beautiful Heritage Certificates on stunning gold parchment are currently on hold as we update our calculation processes and certificate format.  They are a permanent record of your horse’s precise pedigree percentage along with their breeding and strain and we will reinstate this service as soon as we can.

The link for the Crabbet qualification letter is below for you to download and print. Any queries or problems with this service please contact Alexia at

Crabbet & Old English Qualification Letter Form

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