Crabbet Championship Results 2016



Supreme Crabbet National Champion & Crabbet National Champion Stallion: Aaremis (Aazari x Bey Sheba) exhibited by John Brewster & bred by Joan Culnane

Reserve Supreme Crabbet National Champion, 100% Old English National Champion and Crabbet National Champion Gelding: Valetta Hunters Song (Silvern Surprise x Silvern Sheena) exhibited and bred by Miss Georgina Rees


Junior Crabbet National Champion: Aaysha (Aazari x Bey Sheba) exhibited Mrs J Culnane & Mrs L Smith & bred by Mrs J Culnane

Reserve Crabbet National Champion: Silver Dew * (Imperial Silver Star x Autumn Dew) exhibited & bred by Mrs F C Leng


Reserve Crabbet National Champion Gelding: Reflected Glory (General Reflection x Freyr) exhibited by Mr T & Mrs S Smith & bred by Mrs M Calvert

3rd: Claudiuss (Yahmur x Chaarity) exhibited by Ms V Angier & bred by Mrs Barbara Cary

4th: Seren Rigel (Hanson x Blue Bandaila) exhibited by Miss Rebecca Kinnarney & bred by Ms Jan Varty


Crabbet National Champion Mare: Amour Etoile (Star of the Seasons x Zaphelia) exhibited by Mrs Danna Gowens & bred by Mrs G M Lancaster

Reserve Crabbet National Champion Mare: Capewell Winged Firestar (Winged Saint x Seren Capella) exhibited by Miss Rebecca Kinnarney & bred by Miss Rebecca Kinnarney & Mr J Haggart

3rd: Eisor Topaz (Azzah x Eisor Nikkola) exhibited by Miss Kerry J Macdougall & bred by Mrs Kathleen Scott

4th: Seren Capella (Hanson x Seren Sirius Blue Lightning) exhibited by Miss Rebecca Kinnarney & bred by Ms Jan Varty

5th: Silver Diamond * (Spirit of Silver x Cecelia) exhibited by Miss P Morris & bred by Mrs Dorothy Mathias


Crabbet National Champion Veteran: Sa’ira * (Indian Idyll x Sa’lilah) exhibited & bred by Mrs Caroline GE Sussex

Reserve Crabbet National Champion Veteran: Fairwinds Jedi (Kasadi x Silvered Rosebud) exhibited by Miss Lorna Ewin & bred by Mrs Susan Minear

3rd: Silvern Moonlight (Silvern Sceptre x PHA Silver Heart) exhibited by Miss S L Turner & bred by Mrs M O’Rourke & Mrs & Mrs D Peck

4th: Crystearmont (Carrik Crystif x Roseaer) exhibited & bred by Mrs C J Gardner

Judge: Mr P Whitlow   * Top Arabians of 100% Old English bloodlines in their category


Reserve Crabbet National Champion Stallion: Bey Dayaan (Ganemede x Gold Dayahla) exhibited by Mr G & Lady J Hall & bred by Mrs C M Cooke

3rd: Imperial Silver Star * (Shabash x Zaidah) exhibited & bred by Mr G G Plaister

4th: Stormlite Royal (Istfahan x Storm Fantasy) exhibited & bred by Mr A & Mrs T J Sheward

5th: KM Haaziq (Imad x Haniqra) exhibited & bred Mrs Pamela Evans

6th: Binley Prince Salim (Prince Sadik x Silvern Image) exhibited by Mrs A E Brown & bred by Mrs Caroline G E Sussex

7th: Beeston Hakim (Klinta Bashir x Hadila) exhibited by Mrs Imogen Budd & bred by Mr William Dorsey


Pauline Atkinson, Lisa Breeze and Frances Biggin, Katy Cotgrove, FM Arabian Stud, Libby Frost, Reimore Arabians, Susan Struthers and Phabulous Pheasants, Diana Whittome and Zobeyni Arabians

Trophy Donations

Llain Arabians, Andrea Orr, Mr Geoffrey Plaister, Mrs Gillian Lancaster, Gadebrook Stud

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