Potential sporthorses ~ BEF Futurity

The dates and venues for the 2016 BEF Futurity evaluation series have not yet been announced. The Futurity is the fastest growing young horse evaluation programme in the UK, however, and 2016 is set to continue this trend. With capacity for well over 900 entries, the Futurity aims to identify British bred young potential sport horses and ponies destined for top level careers in dressage, eventing, showjumping or endurance, and may even find the Olympic champions of the future.

Crabbet Arabians excel in endurance and have graded well in the BEF Futurity to date – all breeders should seriously consider presenting their young stock at this event to prove their ridden potential.  Riders should go take a look when selecting their next ridden star.

For further details go to:  BEF Futurity

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Shadowsfly, photo: Kevin Sparrow 2012

Shadowsfly, photo: Kevin Sparrow 2012

If looking for your next Arabian performance horse, you can also take a look at today’s breeders of Crabbet Arabians and their studs.  A stud page will be in place shortly and we are doing our best to update content – come visit again soon.

Crabbet – BEF Futurity Results:

Name Sire Dam Sire Born Venue Year Dis. Score
Sylvan Illusion Sylvan Magician Imad 2011 Hartpury 2014 En 9.01
Seren Procyon Hanson 2007 Richmond EC 2010 En 8.93
Vlacq Elladora VLACQ KHAZAD Shah Shadow 2014 Southview 1 2014 En 8.82
LA RUBEN Ruadi KHIDAR 2012 Richmond 2013 En 8.78
Silver Zenif Lutfi Pasha SHABASH 2007 The Grange 2010 En 8.75
LA Ruzaadi Ruadi Indian Ranstam 2011 Solihull 1 2012 En 8.65
Shadowsfly Ibn Silver Celtic Shadow 2009 Hartpury 2 2012 En 8.61
Bordesley Golden Ayanna Prince Iman 2008 Solihull (2) 2010 En 8.59
L.A.Rulette Ruadi Khidar 2014 Arena UK 2014 En 8.58
Kaalif Silver Zaanif Pevensey Safari 2010 College 1 2012 En 8.53
Kaalif Silver Zaanif Pevensey Safari 2010 Arena UK 2013 En 8.50
Kastano Kuriaki Abaramenito Vlacq Khazad St Columbus 2007 Solihull RC 2009 En 8.46