About the Crabbet Organisation

Preserving the heritage of the Crabbet & Old English Arabian



The Crabbet Organisation aims to promote and support the traditional Old English Arabian descended from the great early breeding programmes in the UK. The Crabbet Arabian Stud, founded in the 1870s by Lady Anne and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, provided the majority of these early bloodlines but Hanstead, Courthouse and Barton Lodge added key lines to the gene pool which greatly benefitted the breed.


Today there are still breeders who treasure the characteristics of these lines and the type of Arabian that is generally referred to as “Crabbet” in honour of that great stud.  Crabbet type Arabians today include precious horses of 100% Old English bloodlines as well as a few of all Crabbet Stud bloodlines along with Crabbet types that have been blended with other complimentary elements.  We support events and awards for these authentic descendants of bedouin war horses that prove again and again their versatility, nobility and talent.

The Crabbet Organisation is currently reviewing all its activities and aims to provide more support for the Arabians we call Crabbet.

August 2015

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